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Supporting my child's reading and literacy

The routine of reading regularly is crucial for all students in their educational development and lifelong learning. We want our students to love reading and enjoy exploring new ideas in their search for knowledge. Developing the skill of reading is very important and allows students to develop critical thinking and an inquisitive mind. At the bottom of this page there are some subject specific book posters that both parents and students should find very useful.

How to encourage your child to read

Set a good example by reading yourself. Have your books visible let them see you read.

Find time to read to your child. Children enjoy being read to and enjoy sharing the experience of a story with someone special.

Work reading into your family routine. Set aside a time for family reading once or twice a week.

Explore alternative to books. Encourage reading of poems, web pages, newspapers and magazines.

Watch a show at the theatre or a film at the cinema. Either before or afterwards encourage your child to read the book and explore the author.

How to support your child with their reading

Use Phonics - Segment words into their separate phonemes and prompt readers to blend phonemes into words

Use the shape of the word- Help them to spot words they know within larger, more complicated words.

Allow mistakes- It doesn’t matter if mistakes are made you have to tell them the word sometimes.

Let them read their favourites. Don’t worry if they want to read the same books again, or stick to one kind of book. If they get really stuck, ask the librarian or teacher to recommend something they might like.

Bring things to life - Encourage your child to read aloud with expression, so the story comes to life. This will help them more fluently.

Ask Questions - about the story so far or the pictures on the page to help them 'hit' on the right words. Encourage them to have an opinion – was it a good book? Why?

Use a dictionary- encourage them to use it to check the meanings of new words.