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Senior Leadership Team

Welcome to our Senior Leadership Team 

Mr D Wadsworth - Principal 

Shelley College is an amazing place, located in a supportive community, with brilliant students and staff. Being Principal is an honour and something that I am very proud of. 

Respect and commitment underpin our ethos of 'Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best'. Our aim is to help students leave Shelley fully equipped with the life skills, experiences and educational outcomes to have a happy and successful future. To achieve this students need to enjoy what they’re doing, feel safe and be rewarded for their commitment and success. We therefore support and invest in our students and staff, whilst maintaining high expectations.

Let's all 'work hard, play hard and enjoy life'

Mr A Hewitt - Vice Principal

I feel privileged to have worked at Shelley College since 2004. I have held a variety of positions in my time at Shelley College ranging from a curriculum leader, Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Principal. In my current role, Vice Principal (Quality of Education) I have the opportunity to work closely with the Principal influencing and designing the curriculum we offer. An essential element of this offer is ensuring the curriculum has both breadth and depth for our learners, allowing the acquisition of knowledge and skills vital to be successful in future life. I also develop and produce a whole school timetable which enables us to operate a two week timetable for students. Through running a comprehensive options programme for Year 9 and Year 11 students I am able to adapt and amend our curriculum providing information and support for all students throughout the process.

Our learners never cease to amaze me with their talents, skills and energy. Helping to shape and channel this through my curriculum work is both rewarding and inspiring. I consider myself very lucky to be in a senior role that allows me to see learners achieve their personal best before moving into the big wide world beyond Shelley College.

Mr G Wadsworth - Vice Principal 

I'm very proud to be Vice Principal at Shelley College. Having worked here now for nearly a decade, and having had experience of working in roles in both lower school and in our sixth form, I can confidently say that this is a brilliant place to work and to study. The school ethos of 'Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best' is something I can confidently say is at the heart of everything that we do here at Shelley, and something which has played a huge part in my own career progression and eagerness to stay here as a staff member for an extended period of time.

Our students are part of a community who work together, have high expectations of themselves and who we as staff at school are proud to have representing Shelley College.

Overseeing pastoral care, I have the great joy of seeing amazing progress being made by our students both academically and personally during their time with us. Our students have opportunities to engage in a variety of activities both within the national curriculum and beyond, and take pride in doing so.

Outside of work I love partaking in a variety of sports, including cycling, golf and cricket, and also enjoy the time I get to spend with friends and family.

Mrs K Modeste - Associate Assistant Principal 

I joined Shelley College in 2007 initially as a teacher of dance.  After seeing the pastoral team in action, I realised this was my calling and trained further in counselling young people and safeguarding children. I am incredibly proud to be a member of the pastoral team. When asked what our pastoral team 'dream' was, we decided it was to equip students with the skills to be successful in life. This continues to drive me as part of an outstanding team in an outstanding school, to challenge students to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

Mrs J Christian - Associate Assistant Principal 

I have 2 main roles at Shelley College. Firstly, I am the Director of Science and lead an extremely effective department ensuring that all students achieve their personal best in science. The department deliver highly skilled, engaging science lessons that help students do more, remember more and subsequently achieve more. In addition to this I support Mr Wyatt across school to ensure that teaching and learning is being delivered through quality first lessons across all subjects. I help students close any gaps in knowledge and skills both in science and across other subjects. I always offer a smiling face to help all of our students in whatever way I can.

Mr P Cowling - Assistant Principal 

Joining Shelley College in 2012, I work in the post of Assistant Principal Student Progress, Exams and Director of Sixth Form.  In this role I oversee the student monitoring and tracking, helping teachers and curriculum leaders identify and target students to help and support.  Working with the Examinations Officer we ensure that internal assessments are purposeful, and prepare students for external assessments.  We ensure that formal external assessments are run in a way that supports all students to concentrate on the exam in order to achieve the best grade they can. 

As Director of Sixth Form I work to make sure that all students in Post 16 education are well supported, contribute to the wider school community and are well prepared for their next steps.  I am proud of the amazing staff I work with here at Shelley College.  I enjoy the far-reaching nature of my role, and that it allows me to help many students in their time with us at Shelley College. 

Mr J Wyatt - Assistant Principal 

My primary role at Shelley College is to help our pupils to be highly effective learners and to support our excellent teachers in delivering high quality lessons. I work very closely with all of our teachers and leaders to ensure that we offer an excellent quality of education through supporting our pupils to learn more, remember more and do more across all of their subjects.

Our mantra here at Shelley College is “Gain, Retain, Train”. We ask our pupils and teachers commit to ensuring that important knowledge and essential skills are taught, learnt, remembered and put into practise. This philosophy supports our pupils in amassing an ever-increasing set of academic and interpersonal skills that will help to set them up for a successful life.

I am deeply passionate about teaching and learning and subscribe to the mind-set that every minute of every lesson in every subject should be “taught well” by teachers and “learnt well” by pupils. 

Mr G Stead - Assistant Principal: SENDCo 

I first came to Shelley College from a comprehensive school in Rotherham in 2002. Before entering the teaching profession in 1997, I had enjoyed a successful career in business in the printing and printing engineering sector. A desire for a greater sense of fulfilment and the opportunity to work with and shape the development of young people, prompted my move to education. Unfortunately, I had been what my mother used to call, ‘a bit of a run around’ at school, so there was the matter of going to university as a mature student and gaining the necessary qualifications. 

I came to Shelley originally as Head of Drama and progressed to Director of Faculty, Associate Assistant Principal and eventually to Assistant Principal/SENCO. I have very much enjoyed working in my different roles over the years and each one has brought opportunities and challenges as we have sought to provide the very best opportunities, experiences and outcomes for students.  Outside of school, having spent over 40yrs in swimming pools playing water polo up to national level, I now enjoy farming in my spare time. It must be something to do with fresh air!