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Parents Evenings 2022-23

All our parents evenings for 2022-23 will be held virtually using an online system called School Cloud.  

Information will be sent to parents prior to the parents evening inviting them to book appointments with their son/daughter's teachers and there is information attached below which explains how to use the School Cloud system.  

The parents evenings run from 4,30 pm - 7.30pm and the dates for 2022/23 are:

Year 13 - 29th September 2022 

Year 9 (band RS) - 24th November 2022

Year 9 (band TU) - 1st December 2022

Year 12 - 26th January 2023

Year 11 (band JK) - 2nd February 2023 

Year 11 (band LM) - 9th February 2023 

Year 10 (band LM) - 23rd March 2023 

Year 10 (band JK) - 30th March 2023

You will receive notification when bookings open - and you will be able to visit to book your appointments.