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Shelley College Scholars Club

We have an exciting new development package that we are launching to all students from September called ‘The Shelley College (SHC) Scholars Club’. One of the most important aspects of education is the opportunity to experience things outside the classroom which will help to develop students personally as well as academically. Our school has a rich tradition of providing students with experiences and enrichment activities and these are outlined in our SHC Scholars Club brochure (click on the document link below) 

Whilst we appreciate that achieving academically is important, it is equally important, that students grow up to become well-rounded individuals who have a wide variety of experiences to draw upon which will help them make important decisions in their lives. This is the reason why we have introduced ‘The SHC Scholars Club’ to all students during assemblies this week. The package incorporates a set of 7 standards that students will work towards in order to develop themselves personally throughout their school career with us. These standards cover important aspects of personal development that will help students become confident, happy, resilient young adults. To fulfil the seven standards during the time students are with us, all students will be encouraged by all staff to get involved in some of the clubs, trips, visits, school productions and many other things that go on at Shelley College. Most of these things are free to our students and can have a huge impact on happiness, confidence and overall well-being.

Attendance to before, during and after school clubs, trips, visits, enrichment activities, participation in school productions, school councils, fundraising activities and any other extra-curricular initiatives that students take part in will be recorded and shared with students, staff and parents. I would appreciate your support in encouraging your son/daughter to attend as many of these additional opportunities as possible. The activities that students take part in will naturally fulfil many of the seven standards but where there are gaps in students’ experience of a particular standard, we will provide opportunities for these standards to be achieved. All students are expected to embark on our personal development pathway; ‘The SHC Scholars Club’ and all students will graduate at the end of Year 9, 10 and 11 as a ‘SHC Scholar’ at either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum level. The student standards (SCHOLAR) can be found below:


Charity, Community and Culture

Health, Wellbeing and Safety



Awards and Excellence

Regular attendance at an after-school activity

Please go on to the school website using the link above and read through the ‘SHC Scholars Club’ brochure and contact me with any questions you may have throughout the year. Individual departments and staff leads will contact you via email or letter when an opportunity arises for your son/daughter.

Kind regards

Mrs Joanna Richards

Shelley College School Improvement Leader for Personal Development