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What will my child be studying?

In this section parents are able to explore the content / subjects that make up our ambitious curriculum and the key themes that students will be studying through each year group.

Each document includes the key themes that will be studied and the timescales that will be followed.

These documents are intended to be user-friendly insights into our ambitious curriculum and to help inform parents along each stage of the learning journey from Year 9 to Year 13.

On this page you will find our Curriculum Plans for the lower school and sixth form.  Our programmes of study are constantly being updated to reflect the ever-changing educational landscape.  If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page in the first instance contact us

Key Stage 3 - Year 9

Curriculum plans and schemes of learning in all subjects have strategic five-year plans in place throughout which the key skills, knowledge and understanding required for success at GCSE / post 16 have been mapped out. Transition and liaison with our feeder middle schools are well established and eased by staff delivering a curriculum that strengthens and builds on Year 7 and 8 knowledge.  The Academy operates a two-week timetable (Yellow Week and Blue Week).

  • All students experience a broad and balanced curriculum which is ambitious for all.
  • Throughout KS3 students will study Design & Technology, Art, Food Technology, Music and Drama.
  • Skills 4 Life is delivered to students by a designated form tutor during a 30-minute lesson on Monday morning.
  • We encourage a passion for reading. All students have regular access to the library and participate in reading initiatives in tutor time.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10-11

Students start their KS4 qualifications in Year 10. During the Options process information for each student is carefully analysed, and each child is directed towards an appropriate pathway that facilitate the best outcomes and engagement levels.  A wide range of subjects and types of qualifications are offered in order to suit all learning styles.  It is expected that at least 90% of students will fill all Progress 8 buckets. It is expected that over 75% of students will follow the Ebacc pathway.

Skills 4 Life is delivered to students by a designated form tutor during a 30-minute lesson on Monday morning.  

The Bridge (The Alternative curriculum)

The Bridge is an alternative curriculum for students, which aims to reach out to and re-engage vulnerable students through a bespoke and tailor-made curriculum. The Bridge provision is central to our mission of ensuring that all students fulfil their potential and gain the skills, qualifications and experience they need to go on and contribute positively to society.

The Bridge curriculum is ambitious, and has been designed to focus upon the core subjects of English, Maths and Science and other pastoral and vocational related experiences and subjects to meet students’ complex needs. Where necessary, students may attend college or a work placement. We, also, offer mentoring and coaching, and additional reading intervention. The curriculum is truly bespoke, suited to the individual needs of each student.


Key Stage 5- Year 12 - 13

A combination of academic excellence, strong community and provision of enriching activities makes our Sixth Form an outstanding place to work and learn. We are committed to supporting the success of every student whether they join us from Shelley College or from another school.    

The sixth form curriculum is wide and offers a large range of subjects with progression pathways for all students. 

Personal Development Curriculum

We recognise that the curriculum extends beyond the academic curriculum. We recognise that throughout students' learning journey at Shelley College it is important to provide our pupils with a broad range of opportunities to enable them to develop their individual talents, skills and personalities. We aim to develop students as well-rounded citizens with the confidence, skills, abilities and attributes to contribute positively to society. We strive to remove any barriers to participation to ensure an equity of offer for all pupils. Please click the link to see more details: Personal Development