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The Pathways will give a detailed insight into career specialisms. This will include key lectures from experts in the Pathways area along with work experience opportunities through our range of connections in business and industry, helping to make links to the professional world.

The Pathways are intended to improve career awareness and employability for students. The Pathways demonstrate to Universities and employers a commitment to study a subject area and a passion to pursue a related career. Below is key information about each Pathway, the subjects linked to these and examples of possible career routes.

Medical and Sports Sciences

This Pathway is aimed principally at students of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science, Psychology or Cambridge Technical Sports who intend to follow careers of any type in the medical or sports-science professions, including Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and many more.

Business, Finance and Enterprise

This Pathway is aimed principally at students of Maths, Business (Cambridge Technical qualification), Economics, Geography, English and Computer Science who intend to follow any of a wide range of business-related careers such as Accountancy and Finance, Business Management and self-employment. We have established key links with local businesses, as well as sourcing opportunities for International fieldwork. 

Education and Training

This Pathway is for those with a specific interest in a career in the area of education and broader public services. Through The Green Light Alliance students involved will gain insights into careers as Primary or Secondary Teachers, but the package will also cater for students interested in training or support roles in education such as Teaching Assistants or Pastoral Support Workers. We recommend that if you wish to follow this Pathway, you have a conversation with the Director of Sixth Form or Assistant Student Manager for Sixth Form who will be able to help you select the most suitable courses to enable you to follow the correct curriculum to help you progress to Higher Education or work. We recommend for all teaching routes that at least one subject is a national curriculum subject (English, Maths, Science or Humanities).

Science, Technology and Maths (STEM)

This Pathway is for those with a specific interest in a career related to Science, Technology Computing or Maths, including Civil Engineering, Building, Surveying and Mechanical/Chemical Engineering. Students are likely to study Maths, Sciences and Design based subjects.

Behavioural Sciences, Law and Civil Services

This Pathway is aimed at students who intend to follow a Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Criminology or Law related career path. Students are likely to study at least one written exam based subject such as Psychology, History, Geography, English, Philosophy & Ethics and Sociology. The Package could encompass a range of fields such as Social Work, Solicitors, Barristers, Criminologists and the Police Force.

Art and Creative Industries

This Pathway covers a wide range of areas including Art based subjects at both A level & BTEC such as Textiles, Art, Media, English Language, Dance, Drama & Theatre Studies, Music and Product Design. It is designed for students that are interested in pursuing a career in Music, Performing Arts, Dance and Drama or other related fields such as Journalism, Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media.

English and Communications

This Pathway is aimed at students wishing to follow an English, Modern Foreign Languages, Business, Media or History course combination going into a career in Media, Journalism or Marketing. It could include both traditional A Levels & vocational courses, and will develop a range of skills suitable for those wishing to work in a customer facing environment in the future.


We understand that not all students will have a view to what career route they wish to follow, hoping to keep their options open by selecting subjects from across a number of the above pathways. For students in this position, we can provide a copy of the projected option blocks, allowing students to see where subjects take place and pick a combination of courses they feel are suitable for them. In this situation, we would recommend students discuss their choices with the Director of Sixth Form, or Assistant Student Manager for Sixth Form, in order to ensure their choices will not prevent them from moving into higher education, training or employment.